Under the full-scale operation of AJPI and AJFI which started in August 2015, The provision of the AJPI-J-REIT (ARES J-REIT Property Index) continues. The AJPI-J-REIT is property index providing service whose indices are calculated by using J-REIT property’s data only.

As for AJPI, all data used for the calculations are publicly disclosed, so data souces can be seen in the AJPI-J-REIT website in Excel form Source Books.

AJPI-J-REIT AJPI Download Service

AJPI-J-REIT based on the current format

AJPI-J-REIT(a sub-index of AJPI calculated by using J-REIT data only) based on the current format

Data update: Apr. 26, 2024

  • Period covered by index: up to Jan. 2024 ; final figures: to Jul. 2023 ; quasi-final figures: Aug. 2023 ; preliminary estimate figures: Sep. 2023 - Jan. 2024.

Source Book