Update Schedule and Data Sources

Update Schedule Outline

Basically, AJPI and AJFI are calculated on the basis of data obtained by the end of the preceding month of the publication and are released around the last day of each month. Specifically, the index figures are updated by uploading the latest AJPI and AJFI Databook files on this website. Index users can always download the latest Databook files.

Index figures of AJPI and AJFI are composed of final figures (“Final figures”) and preliminary estimate figures (“Preliminary figures”). Final figures are the index values finalized when data for all funds are available. As a rule, the index values nine months before the month of publication is the latest Final figures. Preliminary figures are prepared using data from some funds before data from all funds are available, and index values from three to eight months before the month of publication are published as Preliminary figures. Please refer to the 'Universe' sheet of the Databook files for information on the funds covered.

Data sources

AJPI and AJFI are calculated based on the performance data of unlisted private fund and listed REITs.

Unlisted private fund

Performance data, consisting of accounting data based on property and fund performance, are provided from AJPI Support Member by three months after closing date of each fund. Their funds have different closing month respectively, so performance data of the fund, which has come to closing date, are sequentially entered.

J-REIT data (listed data)

The precedence designation of J-REIT data input is as follows;

  1. Earnings reports (kessan tanshin)
  2. Results Briefing Presentation Material
  3. Asset Management Report
  4. Securities Report